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Our Adoptable Animals Section is generously 

sponsored by Davis GMC Buick Medicine Hat.

Thank you for your generosity! 

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Our Adoptable Small Animals


Calvin &  Hobbs are adorable, handsome and loving brothers who are very bonded to each other. They are always snuggled up beside one another and truly enjoy their life together. Both boys are litter trained and neutered. They are gentle natured bunnies, and they love to receive a nice petting session. They look forward to their daily exercise, and they like to play with toys and chew on boxes. They get very excited at mealtimes and they love their bedtime treats!

Calvin & Hobbs come with quite a bit of their belongings, including cages and other necessities. They are being adopted out privately through their owners, who are experiencing a change and can no longer keep them. These are FANTASTIC bunnies, please consider giving them a home. If interested, send us a PM or contact Amy directly at 403-594-2168.

Please keep checking back as we update whenever a new animal becomes available or adopted