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Our Mascots Section is generously 

sponsored by Selena Lapp of Rafter SL Real Estate 

Thank you for your generosity! 

Call Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat for your real estate needs

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Miss Evey will be featured in monthly posts, and we will continue to keep you updated on what she is up to throughout the year. Below is the original write-up that was submitted 

"Here is Miss Evey. We adopted her from SAHS last year and she was shy, fearful, and quite a loner. With much love, patience, and a lot of persuasion, she has blossomed into a wee cloud of sass, who 

loves her family, including adopted dog-brother, Duggie.

She adores hikes and zoomies, and equally appreciates cuddles on the couch. We think she would make an excellent mascot as she epitomizes what rescue is all about. She has gained trust and confidence and is enjoying the

 best life! 

Thank you SAHS for all you do"

Congratulations Miss Evey! We look forward to working with you! 


Nala was contestant #33, so we will have to find out as we get to

 know her later if that is her 

lucky number!

The following is her original write-up in the contest and the first of many opportunities for us all to get to know this sweet girl:

"Meet Nala, a 1-year-old beautiful, playful Tortie! We adopted her from SAHS and she is the purr-fect addition to our family!

Nala is very affectionate and loves to be around her family! After spending time with dogs in her foster home, Nala quickly bonded with our 10-year-old shihtzu; they are good buds and sleep together. Nala enjoys chasing her balls and toy mice. Counting the 2 foster homes Nala was fortunate to stay in, Nala had 5 homes in her first 10 months before we adopted her. It goes to show that every companion animal has a forever home out there. We couldn't be happier and our hearts are full!!"

Congratulations Nala, we are very excited about working with you! 


Meko, the fantastic ferret is going to keep us entertained with his antics for sure! The following is his original write-up when he entered our contest:

"Meko, our crazy ferret adopted from SAHS this past summer.

He is very inquisitive and spends most of his free time investigating boxes, bags, and any hidey-hole he can find. It’s not unusual to find Meko up high on a table or in a potted plant, and even in one of his brother Piper’s cages scrounging for birdseed! He enjoys bouncing around the house, taunting us to play! He provides us with daily entertainment.

It’s rare that Meko sits still, but occasionally, you’ll find him in a moment of obvious reflection or perhaps he’s plotting his next mischievous move!"

We are incredibly excited to get to work with Meko, and we look forward to sharing what he is up to with all of you!