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Our Blog

An ongoing series of fun and informative entries.

Also check out our Facebook page for all the fun updates!

World Animal Day

4 October, 2021

Today is World Animal Day,, and the theme for 2021 is 

"Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet."

How can you help? 

Read up on animals, educate yourself and learn how you can help. Donate your time or monetarily to a local rescue, or donate to an animal sanctuary elsewhere in the world to help protect our forests and the animals who live there. Live responsibly and sustainably, and teach your children and grandchildren to do the same.

Stop by and see us!

3 October, 2021

Hailey and Doc will be arriving at Pet Valu today, and Davis GMC Buick encourages you to go see them in the next couple of weeks if you are considering adoption. This is an excellent opportunity to be able to meet in person!

Both Hailey & Doc enjoy being in a home with dogs! This is often a quality people ask about when adopting, and these playful, loving kittens get along with their feline friends too. They’ve both been waiting a while for adoption but they are very special, and we hope their turn is coming.

Doc is a neutered black tabby who turns 6 months old today, and his favourite toy is a ball. Hailey is a 4-1/2-month old dilute ginger tabby who has super soft fur.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Remember to stay hydrated...

4 September, 2021

Sammy, in collaboration with Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat, our sponsor, brings you this important message for National Happy, 

Healthy Cat Month.

Hydration is very important for your feline friends; they require a significant amount of daily hydration in order to maintain a shiny coat, as well as healthy organ function and hydrated skin.

Sammy has not one…not two…but three bowls of water in her foster home, which encourage her to drink whenever she gets the chance.

Cats prefer fresh water as well, so please refresh your cat's water regularly.

 We dont bottle up our feelings ...

1  September, 2021

We owe great big thanks to Redcliff Bottle Depot and Shamrock Bottle Depot, where we now have accounts open. You can take your bottles in anytime and ask them to donate the funds to the Southern Alberta Humane Society.

We really appreciate them going the extra mile for us, and they are always so helpful and friendly!

If you don't wish to take your bottles in yourself, you can watch for our regular bottle drive or let us know any time that you would like them picked up, and we will swing by and take them off your hands.

We also have some wonderful sponsors on board who sponsor all our fundraisers! These supportive local businesses are:

* South Country Co-op

* Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

* TIMKO Home Improvements

* Davis GMC Buick

Every single penny raised goes directly to the animals in our care, primarily for veterinary care. Thank you in advance!

 Community counts...

25 August, 2021

You don't have to look far to see everything your local 

South Country Co-op is up to! They are generous members 

of our community and they are always giving back, which 

we admire and appreciate!

South Country Co-op is sponsoring SAHS from 

March 2021 to March 2022, and their funds help keep our Facebook and Instagram pages going, as well as our website, competitions and fundraisers.

We are 100% fundraiser-driven and 100% volunteer-run, and every bit of help we get is met with our extreme THANKS, so please join us in supporting this local business and our gratefulness for all they do! Check out their website for their hours of operation, information on projects they are involved in, news about e-statements which are coming soon, membership details, Click & Collect instructions, and MORE!

We love our community ....

21 August, 2021

Wendy Rowe, Independent Scentsy Consultant, was going

 to have a table at our Paws In The Park Event today,

 and she had big plans to donate some of her proceeds 

back to SAHS!

The following is shared from Wendy, as she is still 

running an online Scentsy sale in support of SAHS 

and we are incredibly grateful!

Please check out all of the wonderful products she has up for grabs, and remember to support her all year round. 


From Wendy:

"Online Scentsy Sale in support of the Southern Alberta Humane Society...

Their fundraiser event was cancelled, but I still wanted to

 give back, so 20% of total sales will go directly to SAHS!!

My goal is a $200 Donation!

Please check out pictures with a description and price!!"

Shop online here

Thank you for your support! ❤ ❤

Sad news....

19 August, 2021


It is with extremely heavy hearts that we must announce our 2nd Annual Paws In The Park event is CANCELLED due to the very strong recommendations of Alberta Health Services.

At this time, we must put the safety of our community first and foremost. We apologize to the many vendors, charities volunteers, musicians, businesses and others who have worked extremely hard and already put out expenses and set aside time to participate in this day.

We are 100% fundraiser driven and this is a heavy blow. Our vet bill sits at $18,000 currently and this was our major fundraiser for months to come, with COVID having made fundraising harder and harder over previous months. With that said, we will find a way forward! Keep watching as we decide what we will do from here.

We appreciate the support of our community and everyone who was going to be a part of this event, but most importantly, we have to act responsibly and ensure the safety of our community. We look forward to hosting another event such as this when the time is right.

We will contact everyone involved but please bear with us as we get the job done, if you haven’t heard from us yet. Thank you for understanding!

Black Cat Appreciation Day...

17 August, 2021

It’s National Black Cat Appreciation Day!!

Once steeped in superstition and tails of bad fortune, 

things are slowly starting to turn around for black cats in western society…but it STILL takes them, on average, 

twice as long to be adopted!

Many other cultures cherish black cats and consider them good luck charms. In Scotland, it is considered good luck for a black cat to visit your home. Many fishermen

 keep them on their boats for good tidings.

They are now known in North America as pets who are among the friendliest and most cuddly, and if you like to dress in classy black clothing…this is the hair you won’t 

see clinging to your attire.

Doc is now 4 months old and he will soon be neutered. 

He has everything to offer his potential family, and it

 is our hope he is adopted soon! Davis GMC Buick shines 

the spotlight on him today through our sponsorship

 program and Doc is very grateful!

This special and sweet-natured boy absolutely LOVES 

his ball (he even carries it around with him), and he is a playful little delight to spend time with. He enjoys other cats and kittens and gets along well with them, as well as his foster dog brothers.  He can be quite lively but also loves to just chill in his cat tree. His adoption fee will include a microchip, vaccines and deworming as well.

The pigment in a black cat’s fur even makes them less prone to FIV, a common virus. These cats are truly amazing and Doc is certainly no exception. He is so deserving of a forever home and we hope his posts and photos find their way to his people; please share! ❤️🐾

Old furrends ...

11 August, 2021

We love it when old friends stop by! TIMKO Home Improvements absolutely loves dogs and they are pleased to bring you news of this big dog with a soft heart!

Rigger the Great Dane stopped by Pet Park Boarding 

Kennel and had a blast playing with other dogs and seeing his old caseworker.

This beautiful boy is doing amazing in his forever home and we are so happy to share some photos of him with you!

Peko update...

9 August, 2021

Peko continues his road to recovery! We love to share some updated photos of him from time to time, and we share his story with the Senior's home who got him the help he needed as well. Peko is a model of perseverance and is proving to be a comfort to other cats in our intake home. We honestly feel so privileged to know him!

Anybunny love a rabbit?...

6 August, 2021

Did you know that spaying/neutering not only stops the bunny population from exploding? It can also help prevent bad behaviours such as aggression and spraying.

Did you know that a rabbit's teeth never stop growing? Give them plenty of hay and this not only helps wear their teeth down, it helps with digestion too

Did you know that many pet store cages are too small for your rabbit? Rabbits require at least 4ft x 4ft of space 

at all times! 

Rabbits can live up to 14 years - so please your bunny a yearly vet check to ensure a happy long life

Another good reason to recycle...

3 August, 2021

We are very excited to have accounts open at Redcliff Bottle Depot and Shamrock Bottle Depot.

This means you can take your bottles in anytime and 

simply ask the staff to put the proceeds directly into the account for SAHS.

Your funds will go DIRECTLY to the animals in our care; first and foremost for ongoing veterinary care, and also for supplies and food for our foster homes!

We thank these two bottles depots so much for all they do for us, including waiving the fee for their bottle truck after our bottle drives! They are outstanding members of the Redcliff and Medicine Hat communities.

The following businesses also give back regularly and are a huge part of the village it takes to run a rescue! Our ongoing fundraising sponsors are:

* Davis GMC Buick

* South Country Co-op

* Grover Dental Centre

* TIMKO Home Improvements

* Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

If you choose to donate your bottles to SAHS, please know we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ❤

The lucky winner is...

31 July, 2021

Cameron Babitzke is the lucky winner of our 

July's Gems Gift Basket Raffle!

We had five amazing sponsors for our July’s Gems Basket, who are Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat, Grover Dental Centre, South Country Co-op, TIMKO Home Improvements and last but not least, Davis GMC Buick who hosted our draw!!

Thanks to Dan who picked the winning raffle ticket.

Please support these community-minded businesses whenever possible, we really appreciate their support. 🙏❤️🐾

We are constantly amazed by the support we receive from all of you as well on ticket sales even when times are tough - thank you to each and every one of you who bought tickets on this raffle, and huge congratulations to Cameron!

Our Sponsors at work....

29 July, 2021

Selena Lapp of Rafter SL Real Estate is an outstanding member of our sponsorship program!

She sponsored Dot and Squeaker for the month of July, two 11-year-old cats who are up for adoption, our July bottle drive and July’s Gems basket, and our social media posts!

If you have questions about the current real estate market in Medicine Hat or are thinking about buying or selling, please give this community-minded realtor a call at 403-504-9813 or visit her website

 You won’t be disappointed!

Be sure to follow her Facebook page too to see her featured listings and all kinds of tips and tricks for your home.

We truly thank Selena for all she does to help us care for the animals here at SAHS! 🐾🐾

So much kindess in our community...

27 July, 2021

We are the extremely fortunate recipients of South Country Co-op's generosity, as they signed up as a part of our sponsorship program for an entire YEAR, and will be with 

us until March of 2021, sponsoring our fundraisers 

and competitions.

Their funds help us to have some "planned" funds that we can count on, which is extremely helpful when you operate 100% on monthly fundraisers, as we do. It helps us to plan out veterinary care for our animals, provide food and supplies for our foster homes, and determine how we proceed with intakes each month.

To say that South Country Co-op is involved in their community is a massive understatement, and we encourage you to please check out their website at to see what they have been up to, or check out their Instagram page @sthcntrycoopab. Their generosity is outstanding and the story link below details their recent Co-op Community Spaces addition to the local Medicine Hat Food Bank!

Shop local and please join us in thanking everyone involved at South Country Co-op for being outstanding members of their community!

Save the date - 21st August ....

25 July, 2021

We are incredibly excited to host our 2nd Annual Paws In The Park event out at Lions Park in Redcliff!

This event will be taking place on 

Saturday, August 21, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Details are being finalized by our hard-working team, and we will be adding to our post/event as additions become available.

Vendors will be in attendance from the Something for Everyone Market Public Page and there are still spaces available - please get in touch with them if you are a vendor and you would like to attend.

There will be a fabulous BBQ put on by Apex Distribution, several activities for children, games for dogs, an obstacle course, live music from Phoenix and more!

Our board members and volunteers will be in attendance, 

and they will answer your questions about SAHS. We will have fostering and volunteering applications available, along with adoption applications if you have had your eye on one of our adoptable animals.

Bunny Run Rabbit Rescue and Snakes on a Plain have 

both been invited to attend, and we are very excited to have them on-site to educate everyone about all the important work that they do!

Cypress Canine Society is a service dog charity that will also have a table at this event, so please stop by and find out what they are all about as well!

We have some amazing local businesses who sponsor our fundraisers, and their regular funding allows us to budget and plan for the animals in our care and the future animals we take in. We wish to send huge thanks to:

* TIMKO Home Improvements

* South Country Co-op

* Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

* Grover Dental Centre

* Davis GMC Buick

We are excited and hope you can mark the date to attend! All funds raised will go to veterinary care for several animals needing special attention, as well as food and supplies for our foster homes. 

Update on sweet Peko...

24 July, 2021

Every time we fund raise, we sum up our efforts and say "funds raised go towards veterinary care, food and supplies

 for our foster homes" This is the truth but there's often so much more going on behind the scenes.

As we posted a little while back, we had to lay Buttermilk to rest after extensive veterinary testing to ensure it was the right thing to do. Her quality of life no longer remained, her diagnosis was elusive, and it was the right thing to do.

Peko is another special case who came into our care after some loving senior citizens called for help - he was visiting their care home and loved by the residents, but they could see he was sick. As a humane society, it's not just about taking animals in for adoption. While the hope is to find Peko well enough to be adopted into a loving home someday, he has a long way to go until he is healthy enough for that!

This boy has been fighting hard, and yesterday, he underwent dental surgery to remove some teeth and hopefully get infection under control. We are sincerely hoping that after this, he is able to turn a corner and really start to find

 good health, although as you can see from the 3rd picture here, he has come a long way.

Peko is receiving the best of care in our intake home from one of our board members, and our hearts go out to her and our president today as they so deeply care for Peko and have been giving him the best life possible since he came to us. They will, no doubt, breathe a massive sigh of relief once Peko's surgery is over today, as will the rest of us.

We hope you know that every time you send a donation, 

buy a ticket or make a purchase from SAHS, you are 

truly saving lives.

Best wishes Peko!!

Building relationships with TIMKO...

23 July, 2021

  We are sending huge THANKS to 

TIMKO Home Improvements!

They have chosen to sponsor us for the month of July, meaning that in return for a little advertising, they send us funds that power our fundraisers, social media posts, website, and even their own special sponsor animal, Gemma!

We are ecstatic about how well our sponsorship program is going since its inception in March, not only for the extra funding it provides - we are thrilled to showcase local businesses who give back to their community! It truly takes a village in all things, and when we stick together, great things happen. TIMKO truly is an incredible part of our great city of Medicine Hat, and their participation with our program is only a small part of the extras they take part in.

Please join us in thanking this amazing business for all they do, and read on to find out more about them:

"TIMKO Home Improvements is a locally owned renovation company that has been gratefully serving Medicine Hat and area for over 19 years. We offer a wide variety of commercial and residential renovation options, as well as construction of additions and garages.

At TIMKO, we have completed thousands of projects including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, windows, doors and exteriors, roofs, fences, decks, deck covers and screen rooms

 for our satisfied clients.

Our professionals work closely with our clients to meet every expectation, from design to fruition, providing top quality workmanship, while staying on time, within budget and ensuring their satisfaction with every project.

TIMKO gladly offers FREE estimates and professional design assistance. Call us now, and let us help you realize your dreams of a beautiful home!"


938 19th St. SW, Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 7X1

Email links:

[email protected] or [email protected]


Facebook link:

Instagram @timkohome

From the Canadian Animal Task Force....

23 July, 2021

☢️ BLUE-GREEN ALGAE ALERT (Cyantoxin) - 

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association has posted a warning regarding recent illness and death in dogs possibly related to blue-green algae exposure. 

This notice is intended to raise awareness about the risk factors and signs associated with the toxin.

Advisories are currently listed for bodies of water in these communities: Strathmore, Cochrane, Wheatland County, Bashaw, Alix, Camrose, St. Paul and County, Cypress Hills Provincial Park, Lac St. Anne County, Whitecourt, Lamont, MD of Acadia, Barrhead, Morinville, Vegreville, Bonnyville and MD of Lesser Slave River.

More details can be found on the AHS webpage:

Dogs, cattle and other animals can be exposed to cyanotoxins if they drink from, swim in or consume fish from affected water bodies. Poisoning is most likely to occur when there is a heavy, visible bloom on the surface of the water. The onset of clinical signs (vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, incoordination) after exposure is typically rapid (within minutes) and may progress to death within hours or up to a few days. Rinse pets with clean water if exposure is suspected and call and head to the nearest veterinary clinic.

Photo credit: Thinkstock  

Our regular check up with Grover Dental..

22 July, 2021

We owe everyone at Grover Dental Centre a debt of thanks for being an outstanding member of our sponsorship program!

They are sponsoring our fundraisers during the month of July, and they are compassionate people who care about the welfare of all animals in Medicine Hat, Redcliff 

and Cypress County.

We are 100% fundraiser-driven, so the funds we receive monthly depend on the success of our fundraisers and having the regular contributions from our sponsors allows us to do more by being able to plan ahead and budget.

We are very grateful for all Grover Dental Centre has done for us, and we encourage you to please check them out if you are needing a dentist. You can find them at:


Facebook~ Grover Dental Centre

Instagram~ @groverdentalcentre

Email~ [email protected]

Address~ 202, 46 Carry Drive SE

Phone~ 403-526-7555

If you are already a customer, please tell them how much you appreciate their support of animals in our area!

Another SAHS Birthday celebration...

21 July, 2021

Our 2021 Dog Mascot, Miss Evey, had had an amazing birthday today!

It has been a pleasure to watch her grow since her adoption, and she continues to try new things and make new friends! She is incredibly lucky to have an amazing brother, Duggie, and a loving mom and dad who love her with all their hearts as well.

This special girl spent the day going for a river walk with friends, then going for a full shampoo and blow out - which is one of her favourite things! After that, it was home for cookies and cuddles.

We hope this day and every day after is filled with joy Miss Evey, thank you to your wonderful family for adopting you and giving you such a wonderful life! 🎈🎈

A reminder during this heat wave...

18 July, 2021

Please don't leave your dog in the car. Even popping to a store "for a minute" can be fatal.

Humans sweat and regulate body temperature,  but dogs have a harder time adjusting to heat than most humans, so being stuck in a hot car can quickly become life-threatening

Don't risk it, leave your precious pup at home when you are running errands. 

Pet Valu - such a good neighbour...

15 July, 2021

We are sending huge thanks to Pet Valu for sending us everything from their donation bin - we really appreciate their generosity!

Not only do they support us with these generous donations, they also house some of our foster cats and take wonderful care of them. By allowing us to have cats in their store, more and more people can physically meet and fall in love and potentially ADOPT a sweet furry friend. 

Right now Callie and Cheddar and enjoying their time at Pet Valu North - do pop in and say hello! Remember to ask a member of staff before opening the gate to their cage! 

Thank you again Pet Value - you really are a wonderful neighbour to SAHS! 

A sad day at SAHS....

13 July, 2021

Today our hearts are heavy 😔

Buttermilk, our beautiful, sweet soul had been struggling, with no definitive diagnosis. She was fully checked by not one

 but two veterinarians, and after watching her decline 

the last few days, we knew it was time to let her go as

 no more could be done.

Rest easy, sweet girl. Our hearts go especially to those who have been deeply involved and actively caring for you in the last while, who made sure you knew you were incredibly loved. Our volunteers and board members truly go above and beyond, and we are so proud of our team in our hardest moments. ❤️❤️

Good things come in pairs...

12 July, 2021

Our 2021 Small Animal Mascot, Meko (right) has been sitting

 on some BIG news - he has a new brother, Bentley!

Their transition to brotherhood has been smooth, and they are already best buddies who love to play and explore together.

Meko is absolutely thriving with this new family member in his life, 

and we are so happy for him!

Our sponsor, Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat, loves to sponsor our animal tips and together with Meko, we want ferret owners to know that ferrets are social and affectionate, and will almost always love to have a companion of their own species. 

We have the best sponsors...

10 July, 2021

 We are so thankful to our sponsors!

This is a new program that only came into play in March of this year, and it’s incredible, stable funding that helps us know what we can count on in our fundraising efforts and be able to plan for veterinary care and future intakes.

Davis GMC Buick really stands out in the crowd as a local business! They’re always up to something in our community and they take part in a lot of events and fundraisers for different charities in our city.

Their funds with us help to sponsor fundraisers and competitions, daily posts, and all the animals in our care including Meadow, their special sponsored cat who is a beautiful 1-year-old Tortie.

We like to keep an eye on what our sponsors are up to on their social media pages as well and actively participate in supporting them, and we hope you enjoy this great tip they shared on their Instagram page to keep you safe during your summer travels! 

Check them out online or give them a call at 403-527-1115! 

Thank you Davis GMC Buick for everything you do for us!!

Happiest of birthdays to our SAHS Rescue, CHARLIE...

 9 July, 2021

 We wanted to take this opportunity to wish our Charlie a very PAWESOME HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.

Charlie was adopted from SAHS by Penny and Tony and is now 

living his very best life. In fact, he thinks it is his birthday every day! 

He is loved up and taken care of by his family who cannot imagine their lives without him. We cannot express our gratitude to his beautiful family for their love and support. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy, we know you will have a wonderful day, from your SAHS Family 

Get your paws on a ticket ....

 8 July, 2021

We will be at Superstore on Friday 9th July & Saturday 10th July from 10am - 3pm selling tickets. 

Treat yourself to the chance to win a basket of fun for summer!

We will be at Superstore Medicine Hat today from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. selling tickets for this basket, the contents of which include:

* Mary Kay gift pack

* White gold diamond earrings

* Personalized pet portrait

* Reuben's Greenhouse gift card 

* Swarovski phone case (XR)

* One bottle of Bailey's

* One bottle of Kahlua

* Two bottles of wine

Tickets are $10 and your chances to win are 1 in 200.

All funds raised will be going to the care of our animals, particularly veterinary care at this time.

We have 5 amazing local businesses on our sponsorship team! They all sponsor our fundraisers, and they include:

* Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

* Davis GMC Buick

* South Country Co-op

* Grover Dental Centre

* TIMKO Home Improvements

Draw date is July 31, 2021, at Davis GMC Buick!  

A sad day for the SAHS family ....

 7 July, 2021

Keno deserves a place of honour on our media pages today; please send your collective thoughts and prayers to his grieving family. Adopted in 2019, he lived a wonderful life until his death due to cancer today. He is a shining example of the love animals hold in their hearts and the joy they bring to their families.

Rest in Peace sweet boy, from you SAHS Family 

Challenge your cats ....

 5 July, 2021

Cats are intelligent beings whose minds thrive on challenges!

Regular mental stimulation is important, and Nala is demonstrating some interactive play with a member of her family. She is our 2021 Cat Mascot and living her best life in her adopted home!

Some ideas for mental stimulation are:

* A cat wand is an excellent toy and engages your cat's hunting skills

* Separate your cat's meals into a few portions and "hide" them around the house for a little treasure hunt; you might have to encourage your cat to play along at first

* Make sure and have some cat trees with vertical space on them to encourage your pet to use their climbing skills, they love to defy gravity

* Pick up some automated or motion sensored toys for play time even when you're not home

* Puzzle feeders let your cat exercise their mind and their muscles

* Don't forget a good old cardboard box is great fun and mentally stimulating for your pet; look up some DIY ideas online for plenty of homemade cat toys.

Stop by for pet supplies and say hello to our cuties ....

 3 July, 2021

Today, we want to send out our special thanks to Pet Valu North (Crescent Heights) for all they do for us and for our kittens!

They regularly have some of our kittens in their store so interested folks have a place to go meet them; this is imperative for us, as we don't have a shelter building and all of our kittens are in foster homes. 

This opportunity to have them out in public is huge! Pop in if you would like to meet Finch and Lola, who are very special and very different siblings; Finch is a Siamese cross, and Lola is a Calico tabby.

When in the store, please ask a staff member for assistance before opening the cage. It is best if they are with you when you meet any kittens as they can be squirmy and quick, and we want to prevent any kitten escapees in the store. Also, once you have let them know you would like to meet the kittens, please be mindful if the staff is busy as they will need to take care of other customers first. Feel free and talk to the kitties and even take photos while you wait.

The staff care for the kittens during their time at the store, and we appreciate all the loving care they provide! Head on over to meet some cuties, and please thank the staff for all they do while you're there! Pet Valu is an amazing part of our community! ❤

Lets make sure Canada Day is happy for everyone ....

 1 July, 2021

If you have a pet who is affected by fireworks, 

consider the following:

* walk your dog before the fireworks are scheduled to start (even in this heat, it may be cool enough to be out in the later evening for a stroll); this will help tire them out and assure you are not out during the noise

* keep your pet indoors during firework displays and if they will be outside, ensure they are wearing proper identification (more dogs run away in the US on July 4th than any other day of the year)

* play white noise or calming music at a louder volume during fireworks

* use whatever comforts you have available; a favourite blanket, kennel time, delicious treat (a frozen Kong or bone takes some time to get through), etc.

* distract your pet with training time, playtime, special cuddle time, etc.

* close windows and curtains to block out sites and sounds

* if you live in close proximity to scheduled fireworks, consider going for a drive or to a friend’s house

* reassure your pet with a calm, loving voice; never get angry or expect them to “face their fears,” and try to 

stay calm - dogs pick up on it when they sense we are worried about them

Lets talk about hot dogs ....

 30 June, 2021

If you are out and about in the heat over the next two weeks, you can stop at the Red Cross where they have

 a tap and bowl placed outside their office on 

4th Ave SE and Aberdeen Street.

Of course, exercise caution and don't have your pets 

outside if the asphalt and cement sidewalks are too hot

 for them, but it's great to know where extra water 

sources are when you need them.

If anyone else has water outside, feel free to send us an email so we can share this valuable information.

Please SHARE, and thanks to everyone at the Red Cross for being so kind! 

Lets talk about cool chicks ....

29 June, 2021

Today’s tip is for your pet birds! 

Our current heatwave makes it extremely important to think of all the pets in our homes, and birds are no exception. Make sure bird cages aren’t in direct sunlight, freshen water bowls often, and offer a birdbath, spritz feathers lightly, or depending on the breed or your bird, take them for a shower with you. They will also enjoy indirect air from a fan to help them stay cool.

Today’s tip to stay cool is brought to you by our amazing sponsor, @groverdentalcentre!

Our amazing local community.....

28 June, 2021

In the month of May, we experienced an absolute miracle when Jo Jo Gilbertson of Fort MacLeod, Alberta, reached out and sent us the entire $400 needed to look after Roxy, a dog who was in our care, for the entire month. Roxy is in liver failure and requires special food and medications, and her funds were a huge gift to us!

When we posted a thank you to Joanne, we were beyond amazed when we had another incredible human reach out to us! Leslie Hegland Hailwood ALSO send us $400 to further sponsor Roxy for the month of June!

By some incredible stroke of pure fortune, Roxy was adopted before the end of May, and Leslie's funds were not required for Roxy the month of June. She graciously agreed to leave her funds with us to be used wherever necessary for the other animals in our care. We always have a lot going on here at SAHS, and the animals you see up for adoption are not the only ones we have; there are others waiting 

to be vetted, being treated for sickness or waiting to become old enough for adoption. Leslie's funds have truly helped 

us out to a huge degree, and we hope you will join us in thanking her! She was thrilled to hear Roxy had been adopted, of course.

Leslie's love for animals is plain to see, and while Leslie and Tim don't have any pets at the moment, we would like to share photos of the 2 dogs they had in the past, both of whom were adopted. Each had to be put down due to cancer, which was understandably unbearable for Leslie and Tim 💔, but their love for their own pets will live on and shine in all the good things they are doing for others.

Ah, but it doesn't end there. Through conversation with Leslie, she became aware of our sponsorship program, and incredibly, she and her husband own a successful local business and have signed up for the month of July as one of our sponsors! Please welcome TIMKO Home Improvements to our team here at SAHS; you will be hearing more about them in the month to come, and we will place their business information on our website and Facebook pages as well.

We are always a grateful bunch, but our hearts are truly overflowing. We are surrounded by amazing people and we are thrilled to be able to continue to help animals thanks to all the help we receive!

Tick, tick boom....

26 June, 2021

It is tick season. Whether you walk your pups in long grassy areas or just around the neighbourhood, these pesky ticks like to hitch a ride on our furry friends. Check out our helpful picture on the left to help you check your dogs for hitchhikers after their walk. 

Sponsor highlight....

25 June, 2021

We are thrilled with how well our sponsorship program is going, which only started in March of this year.

Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat has been with us since the beginning, and we are extremely thankful!

Not only can Selena Lapp very capably assist you with all your real estate needs, she is also a passionate animal lover and advocate for the stray, unwanted and relinquished animals in and around Medicine Hat.

She is the kind of person who we have a lot of respect for because she goes above and beyond for Medicine Hat; she grew up here, and she is invested in her city!

Rafter SL Real Estate's Facebook page is packed with goodies for you...not only will you find homes for sale, but Selena posts a lot of great information about home decor and tips as well!

You can call Selena at 403-504-9813 and she will even give you a complimentary evaluation on your home!

Looking for other ways to contact Selena?

Email [email protected]

IG @selenalapp


Please join us in sending this incredible lady and her successful company a huge thank you!

Smelly cat..smelly cat..... 

24 June, 2021

Though many of us humans enjoy that feeling of zen and strong scent we can achieve with incense, it is important to remember that incense can be particularly harmful to cats.

Cats can be extremely sensitive to smoke, and its presence can worsen or even cause asthma, other respiratory issues 0r even skin dermatitis. Sneezing, congestion and watery eyes are all symptoms of upper respiratory illness which can easily be brought on by the use of incense.

Cats’ lungs are much more sensitive than ours, and burning incense can even lead to lung carcinoma.

And the winner is.....

20 June, 2021

Congratulations to Tracey on your big win of the Grilling and Chilling Father’s Day basket and Kamado grill!

We appreciate your support of SAHS! ❤️

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets! 🐾🐾

We also want to thank Posh Wash for selling tickets in their store - your support is greatly appreciated!  Also many thanks to Superstore, Walmart and South Country Co-op for allowing us to have a table in your stores 

to sell our tickets. 

Come visit us at the Market!

19 June, 2021

The fun has begun!

The Arizona Flea Market is on until 5:30 p.m. today, with lots of great vendor booths, beer gardens, live music, food vendors, and MORE! We have a 50/50 going and hope to see one happy winner walk away with a pot of cash at the end of the day!

The weather is perfect and we hope to see you soon! All proceeds raised from our booth will be going directly to the animals in our care for creature comforts, supplies, food and veterinary care! 

Father's Day is just around the corner...

18 June, 2021

Posh Wash is the place to be if you would like to purchase a ticket

 for our Grilling & Chilling Father's Day basket and there is only 

one more day to purchase!! 

Only SEVEN tickets remain; tickets are $10 each. The lucky winner will be chosen Saturday, June 19th at 2 p.m.

Our fundraiser is brought to you by these amazing local sponsors:

* South Country Co-op

* Davis GMC Buick

* Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

* Grover Dental Centre

The lucky Dad will win a prize valued at $700, which includes:

* Kamoda Grill courtesy of Princess Auto Medicine Hat

* BBQ tool set

* Golf package courtesy of Paradise Valley Golf Course

* Gift cards courtesy of Country Crumbs Bakery & Café

* Pro-V Golf Balls

* Wiser's Whiskey courtesy of DJ Plumbing & Gas Fittings

We are thankful to everyone who helped make this raffle possible!

When you purchase tickets for our raffle, you are directly supporting 

the animals in our care and helping to provide them with veterinary care, food and creature comforts! Thank you so much to our amazing community for your continued support!

Thank you Posh Wash for helping us out with ticket sales, we appreciate you! ❤

 Thank You ....

16 June, 2021

South Country Co-op is an incredible part of our community! 

In the past, they have donated items to our fundraisers, provided us with space to sell tickets, and now they are a part of our sponsorship program! Their funds help us to carry on with all of our fundraisers and competitions, and you will see their logo often on our posters, etc.

They are signed up to sponsor us until March 2022 and we are so fortunate to have them on board! We enjoy sending them a thank you each month to help highlight their generosity and kindness, as well as promote their business. You can find not only your liquor and grocery shopping at South Country Co-op, but also gas, car washes, and even take care of your pharmacy needs.

Did you know they even have an app? Search "co-op app," enter your co-op number, and you are all set! 

Make sure to keep South Country Co-op in mind when you 

are shopping; support local and even earn money while you're doing it!

Thank you South Country Co-op for all you do for SAHS and our animals - we appreciate you!

A message from Meko...

12 June, 2021

Meko is our 2021 Small Animal Mascot and he has done

 a fantastic job of sharing important messages with us so 

far this year for other ferret owners!

Today, he brings you important information for ferrets.

Duk Soup (this is a brand name, but we will share a video for the homemade version as well) is a mushy mixture to use when you have a ferret who is sick, nursing, or not eating well. Ferrets are susceptible to adrenal issues and sometimes it is necessary to feed them Duk Soup - and they do love it!

Duk Soup can also help your ferret get the necessary nutrients when you know they are in their final months.

This concoction used to be difficult to come across, but is available locally now and has been found at Petland, so you can keep it handy in case you need it. Just add water.

Ferrets are specialized pets and do get sick very easily, so please do your research and educate yourself before adopting one. It is important to give all the proper care for every pet!

Meko has been very blessed to be adopted into a home where his parents take their pet ownership seriously, they take excellent care of Meko!

Selena Lapp with Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat is also a passionate animal lover, and she is pleased to bring you all of our mascot updates as part of our sponsorship program!

Meko's mom provided the following YouTube link for making your own soup for ferrets (thank you Meko's mama!)

Click to view You Tube video on Duk Soup

Sending a huge Thank You ....

10 June, 2021

We received donations today from the kind-hearted folks 

at Pet Valu, and we want to send them a huge thanks 

and let them know that we appreciate every single thing 

they do to help us

If you are looking for a pet store with knowledgeable, friendly staff who also take part in their community and assist any way they can, please be sure to check them out! They also have a location on Carry Drive, and they have everything 

you need everything from pet food and supplies to pet grooming and self-serve bathing facilities.

Thank you Pet Valu! ❤

Watch what they eat...

8 June, 2021

Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs; even small amounts 

can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure or even death in dogs.

Symptoms can include weakness, staggering and vomiting. 

If you think your dog has consumed xylitol, see your veterinarian immediately.

Xylitol is in many items these days, and although a lot of things your dog should never consume contain xylitol, dogs 

will still be dogs and sometimes eat things they should not, 

so be aware.

On top of that, much more common food items can be dangerous such as nut butter, desserts, ice cream and yoghurt.

Be sure you are aware of where xylitol is hiding and never allow your dog to consume it. Check out this great article from Pet MD!

click to link to Pet MD Article

Update on sweet Peko

5 June, 2021

We are pleased to bring you a new photo of Peko which 

shows how much he is perking up.

This incredible little soul is a real fighter, and he is doing amazing! He is enjoying being able to free roam out of his kennel now that he is feeling better.

It is clear that life has not been easy for Peko and he has been through a lot, but he doesn't have any hard feelings about it; he is a kind, loving soul, and his foster mom is absolutely in love with him and caring for him with all her heart and soul. We know he is in good hands.

We want to thank everyone in our community who generously donated for Peko's care, your kindness has made all the difference in the world to him

We also wish to thank Leslie Hegland Hailwood; this generously lady sent us a whopping $400 to sponsor Roxy for the entire month of June, and now that Roxy is adopted, she has left her funds with SAHS to care for the other animals who are with us as we see fit. Peko is one of the very special recipients of her kindness! Thank you Leslie!

Have you ever considered fostering? 

2 June, 2021

We have been putting out some calls for foster homes, and we are still in need of more. We have several cats looking for foster homes at the moment; if you are interested, we would love to chat with you!

How does fostering work?

Fostering means that we pay the bills and supply you with everything you need to care for the animals who come to your home, and you give them a place to live and some love and cuddles! You are assigned a caseworker to make sure your needs are met, and you are most welcome to pick and choose which animals work in your home situation.

When an animal you have fostered is adopted, it is an incredible 

feeling to know that you made a difference in their life!

You can call us at 587-253-4203 (please leave a message if we don't answer, and we will get back to you) or click on the link below to fill in an application form to become a foster

Link to our Foster application form

To find out more about Rita

Learn more about our sponsor, Grover Dental

31 May, 2021

It's time for us to thank Grover Dental Centre for everything they 

do for us through our sponsorship program!

They are signed up again for the month of June, and we are 

gratefully excited to have them on board! Grover Dental Centre's sponsorship funds help to support our fundraisers and competitions, 

our Happy Tails page, and they have chosen Rita as their 

special animal to try to help get adopted!

We are thankful to have them as part of our team, and these sponsorship funds help us budget and plan out our funds in order to responsibly decide what animals we can take in and afford veterinary care for, as well as to feed and house the ones we already have. 

We are 100% fundraiser-driven, and knowing we can count on sponsorship funds makes a huge difference to us!

Did you know Grover Dental Centre can help you out with cosmetic dentistry? Check out this information from their Instagram page:

"Cosmetic dentistry can be anything from teeth whitening to veneers or dental implants, so whether you just want to bleach away the stains on your teeth or get an implant to replace a missing tooth, Grover Dental Centre can help you get the smile you have been hoping for.

You will feel at ease knowing when you walk into our office we will treat you like family and always greet you with a warm smile.

Call us today to set up your consultation:

403-526-7555 (accepting new patients)

Come be part of our family!"

You can find Grover here on Facebook, through the website attached here, or on Instagram at @Groverdentalcentre

Grover Dental, we are very thankful! Thank you for being an incredible part of our community!

Visit Grover Dental 's website

Happy tears, happy tears....

29 May, 2021

It is an incredibly special day here at the 

Southern Alberta Humane Society!

Roxy is ADOPTED! She is heading to beautiful BC for a 

wonderful retirement with this fantastic lady!!

We have so many people to thank for their heartfelt interest in Roxy...

First and foremost, her foster mom and foster children. Fostering a dog is an incredible experience, and it can also be extremely difficult when it comes time to say goodbye, as we all know dogs are very loyal and consider you their own. We know this is a happy day for her foster family, but also a hard one, and we thank them so much for all they do as a foster family with SAHS.

We also want to thank Davis GMC Buick for choosing Roxy as their special foster animal the first month they joined our sponsorship program. They have been interested in fostering her again as well and have stayed on with us as sponsors, and their funds make a huge difference to Roxy and all other animals here at SAHS.

We were flabbergasted when Joanne Gilbertson came along and donated $400 for the total cost of Roxy's care in the month of May. She had been interested in adopting Roxy, and when it wasn't the perfect setting for Roxy, she wanted to care for her anyway! We did a special feature on her, and we hope you have seen it.

Joanne was hoping to inspire others to help Roxy out, and we haven't even announced yet that Leslie Hegland Hailwood came along immediately and did exactly that! She has already donated $400 for Roxy's care for the month of June, and now that Roxy is adopted, she has chosen to leave her funds with us to help care for the other animals, and we are beyond grateful! We will be thanking her some more during the month of June, so please keep an eye out for that.

We are, of course, thankful as well to City Veterinary Hospital for caring for Roxy during her stay with us.

This is not the complete list of people who were invested in Roxy's wellbeing and care deeply for her, but suffice to say, nothing goes unnoticed, and we are grateful as well to our regular volunteers, her caseworker, etc. for everything they do for us. We are appreciative 

of everyone who shares our posts and gets the word out so that 

someone in BC can come across our animals for adoption and 

fall in love with them!

Roxy, we know you are going to have an amazing life with your wonderful new mom. Happy trails, sweet soul!! ❤

Win your fuel for a year

South Country Co-op - Thank you 

27 May, 2021

We like to thank our sponsors at least once a month, and South Country Co-op is an exceptionally community-minded business that has signed up on our sponsorship program for a year! They always help us out on our fundraisers with donations, and they are signed up to sponsor all of our fundraisers and competitions for a YEAR! As well, whenever possible, restrictions allowing etc., they share their store space with us for ticket sales on raffles.

We are extremely grateful to them, and ask that you please keep them in mind for all your grocery, gas, liquor and prescription needs! Supporting local is so important, and they always have lots of great things going on such as their Win Your Fuel For A Year contest!!

Thank you so much South Country Co-op!

It takes a village ...

26 May, 2021

We are beyond grateful for the food donations received yesterday from Blue Buffalo!!

Thank you so much for being an amazing member

 of the pet community Blue Buffalo! Your generous 

donation is going to make a huge difference in the lives 

of the animals in our care.

We are 100% volunteer-run and fundraiser-driven and it is incredible moments like this make all the difference for us! 🐾❤️


Peko update...

24 May, 2021

Peko is being lovingly, expertly cared for and he is growing 

stronger every day. His next vet appointment is May 27th and 

we will be providing an update then as well.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to Peko’s care, 

we are incredibly grateful! Your funds for his special case not only allow him to receive great care but also help us maintain our ability to help others as well. We are proud to be part of a terrific community! 

If you would like to contribute to our Go-Fund me , click the link below Peko's photo on the left.

Local support means so much to us...

21 May, 2021

On this Fantastic Friday, we are sending our sincere 

thanks to Posh Wash!

Every time we have basket raffle sales going on, they are more 

than willing to help us sell tickets in their store. 

Having a physical location for ticket sales with restrictions in place

 is a huge help to us, and we really appreciate them more 

than they know.

Posh Wash is much more than a regular laundromat! 

They offer coin laundry or drop-off laundry service, Smart Klean laundry ball sales, eco-friendly dry cleaning, sewing, ironing, 

alterations and MORE! If you have never used their services, please visit their website at and 

help support this wonder community-minded local business, and 

be sure to give them a like on Facebook.

Our Grilling & Chilling Father's Day raffle sales are on NOW, and for $10, you can buy a ticket to win some incredible items for Dad! You can pick up your tickets in person at Posh Wash (105 - 20 Northlands Way NE), directly through our home page on this website, or by calling 587-253-4203.

THANK YOU Posh Wash for your ongoing support, and to our community for supporting our fundraisers!

A little cuteness to brighten up this snowy day...

20 May, 2021

How about this for cuteness overload?

Seriously, how adorable is Meko? You may have seen him on our Facebook page recently as he won our 2021 Small Animal Mascot contest!! He also has his own page under MASCOTS so check him out there if you want more cute photos. He drops by now and then with pictures and great advice for other ferret owners.

He is living his very best life with loving parents and other 

critters...including two snakes, a cockatiel, some fish and Piper the conure, also adopted from SAHS!

He keeps his mom very busy in true ferret style, and we are 

happy he found such a great home!

Grover Dental Centre recognizes the importance of all animals becoming adopted and sponsors our Happy Tails album through our sponsorship program. We are so happy to have them on board!

Kittens having kittens...

18 May, 2021

It’s a fact. Kittens can have up to 3 litters before 

they even turn one year old. 

Did you know that an intact female has a high risk of mammary and uterine cancer as well as serious uterine infections? 

Spaying your cat is a sensible, kind, healthy decision to make.. for your pet.   Kitten season is HERE, and the evidence of how fast cats can multiply is all around us. Please choose to be a responsible pet owner 🐾❤️

If I fits, I sits...

17 May, 2021

We are all familiar with cats taking on the shape of 

whatever is lying around! It's an adorable habit and 

an excellent photo opportunity every time they find somewhere new to sit.

Cats like to fit into small spaces because it makes 

them feel safer and more secure. Instead of being 

exposed to clamor and possible wide-open spaces, 

they prefer to huddle in smaller areas.

Our 2021 Cat Mascot, Nala, demonstrates! She has 

found a beautiful bowl to perch in and seems pretty 

happy with herself!

Weeding tips from Miss Evey...

15 May, 2021

Evey is our 2021 Dog Mascot, and she is here to warn you of the dangers of weed killer on your pets' paws. Commonly used commercial weed killers can irritate, inflame and burn your pets' paws, and Evey wants to make sure that doesn't happen to any of her friends.

Evey's parents use a homemade mixture of:

* 1 gallon vinegar

* 1 cup table salt (epsom salt is said to work as well)

* 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap (Dawn seems to work best)

Mix all and distribute evenly over your weeds with a 

regular weed sprayer!

If your pet does become exposed to chemicals on their paws, Evey suggests washing their paws immediately with a pet-friendly shampoo followed by a good rinse.

We love the adorable shots Evey posed for so that we could spread this important message! Thank you Evey! ❤

Canadian Animal Task Force 


Great news for animal rescue

12 May, 2021

Last fall, we were in contact with the Canadian 

Animal Task Force to try to get some desperately needed help for Suffield and Cypress County, and we are 

thrilled to see this coming to fruition!!

Cypress County is moving ahead with getting some help for a TNR program on Walsh, Irvine and Suffield. This announcement is excellent news not only for every local rescue that cannot possibly help every animal, but also 

for the countless amazing souls who live in these areas 

and feed dozens (if not more) of cats and who try to 

keep them warm in the colder months. Of course, the 

best news is for the cats themselves!

If you have knowledge of a cat colony in your area, please contact the Canadian Animal Task Force on their website as they are currently collecting information. The link is underneath the photos on the left.

TNR programs work! This is a huge win for our area, thank you to Cypress County and the task force for acknowledging this issue and working towards a resolution! 

We are celebrating 2 years of rescue...

11 May, 2021

We are celebrating two years of rescue here at the 

Southern Alberta Humane Society!

Our hearts are full; we have adopted out 180 animals!!

We are a 100% volunteer-driven humane society, we do not receive any government funding and we exist solely on fundraising efforts. To say we are supported by our community and even people from afar is an understatement because we couldn’t do this without your generosity! 

Thank you is simply not enough.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our Board Members, volunteers and foster homes for working tirelessly for us, 

our vet for keeping our animals healthy, the people 

who trust us to take their animals in when they can

 no longer be cared for, and all the unsung heroes who

 are rescuing stray, feral and dumped animals in and around our fair city.

We love to hear your Happy Tails and celebrate once these sweet souls are adopted, so please keep sending those in as often as you like, and if your pet has a birthday or special moment and was adopted through SAHS, we love to hear about that too!

The citizens and local businesses here have continued to support us and we cannot state enough how much it is appreciated! Our recent sponsorship program is doing well and we are fortunate to have animal-loving and community-minded businesses that go above and beyond. 

We are so very grateful!!

Lastly, we want to say we never forget any of these amazing pets! They all hold a special place in our hearts. We look forward to our third year of operations! 

Sweet Sammy got her own special sponsor..

10 May, 2021

Sammy is the very lucky recipient of her own 

sponsor for the month of May!

The incredibly generous men and women of Davis GMC Buick have chosen her as their special adoptable pet this month, and she is really pleased!

Who is Sammy? She is a 10-1/2-year-old domestic short hair Calico who is sweet as can be! She’s a sweet soul who is full of love and a sheer pleasure to live with. She’s thriving in foster care and has become a bit of a 

spokeslady for diabetes, as she was diagnosed with the disease after she came into our care. She requires special food and injections every 12 hours, but manages very well and doesn’t complain a single bit.

She’s seen here snuggling on her scratching board, 

which she absolutely adores.

Sammy has been through a lot of change and shown an incredible amount of resilience, she is very special lady.

If you are interested in Sammy, adoption click the link below to see more information about her and to access 

the adoption application.

Thank you so much to all the folks at Davis for helping Sammy out this month!

Happy Mother's Day!

9 May, 2021

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there, and all

 of the other significant people who play the important

 role of mother in the lives of those they love!

The vast majority of our volunteers are Moms as well, and we want to honor them today, as we appreciate their dedication and volunteer spirits. They work tirelessly for SAHS and our animals, as well as at their own jobs and for their families. You are incredible!

A mother's love is irreplaceable, and moms make the world a better place! ❤ Best wishes for an extra special day!

And the lucky winner is...

8 May, 2021

Our heartfelt congratulations to Julia Deminick - the lucky 

winner of our fantastic Mother's Day Basket! 

 We hope you enjoy your wonderful winnings and have a 

fantastic Mother's Day!

Our 2021 dog mascot, Miss Evey, made a special appearance for the draw with her mom, Liane! Thank you Miss Evey and well done!


* Pet Valu for hosting our draw today and for their continued support

* Donors to our basket, including Botanicals, By The C, 

Country Crumbs Bakery & Café, Skin Passions Body Essentials 

and Wrights Jewellers

* Our fundraising sponsors, South Country Co-op, Davis GMC Buick, Grover Dental Centre and Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes

 & Gardens Medicine Hat

* Posh Wash for helping us sell tickets

* Our hard-working Board Members who put this basket together, helped to sell tickets and attended the draw

* Our supporters for SELLING OUT this fundraiser by sharing our posts and purchasing tickets!

Funds raised go toward food, medication, supplies and veterinary care for all the animals we have in our care - thank you so much!

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and helped to support SAHS and the animals in our care!

Remember to check for pet-friendly flowers for Mum...

6 May, 2021

Heads up! Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9th! 

If the special lady in your life shares her space with pets, keep these pet-friendly flowers in mind!

Miss Vanjie is a fighter...

5 May, 2021

We have every reason to celebrate here at SAHS!

Miss Vanjie is a beautiful Tortie who had one stillborn baby on her own, 

and in the end, an emergency C-section in the evening at the vet clinic 

where, sadly, none of her other three kittens survived.

She was spayed during the procedure as well, and she won’t ever have 

to go through this horror again.

Miss Vanjie was a dumped cat who had been living with a feral colony, 

and although her talented foster mom had been working hard with her, 

we were very concerned all gains would be lost.

Instead, Miss Vanjie returned to her foster home and completely rallied! 

She is doing great with other cats and even a small dog! She continues to fully recover and she even had an adoption pending.

Her veterinary costs are $3000, and we started a Go Fund Me to raise funds for her, and several of you have e-transferred us as well. We want you to know how very much we appreciate your generosity, and we continue to try to raise funds to cover these costs. Anyone wishing to help out can still head over to the link below or e-transfer to [email protected]

Your funds help us to carry on and still be able to help all the animals coming in during this busy spring kitten season, whereas otherwise, this extra expense would have required us to temporarily close our intake. 


Congratulations Mama Gemma.....

2 May, 2021

Sweet Gemma is proud Mom to three gray kittens 

and one black kitten. Congratulations Gemma!

Stay tuned as this family of five will all go up for 

adoption when the time comes! ❤️

What a great way to start a new month....

1 May 2021

We have been REALLY excited to bring you the news 

of our new sponsor for May!

Did you know anyone can sponsor/virtually foster with us? 

You don't have to be a business, and Joanne Gilbertson of Fort Macleod, 

Alberta, is the first one to sign up as an individual sponsor!

This absolutely incredible lady is truly a superhero to us. She has 

signed up to sponsor Roxy for the month of May, and by sponsor, we mean she is covering ALL of Roxy's expenses this month, to a grand total of $400!

The relief this brings to us as a humane society operating only on 

fundraisers is huge, and we are all so grateful to this wonderful woman. 

We are also very pleased that she cares about Roxy so deeply, 

as that is exactly what our sweet Roxy deserves.

Roxy is a 10-year-old Boxer Mastiff cross currently in our care, 

and if you haven't seen her bio, please head over to our ADOPTABLE ANIMALS, or click on the link below to learn all about her. 

This beautiful soul is now in liver failure, and we are searching for her

 forever and final home. She is on special food and medication, and 

requires regular veterinary visits. Her care is costly, and we know that it 

will be someone very special who can step up to adopt her.

Joanne has really gone above and beyond in sponsoring Roxy's care for 

May, and we can't thank her enough!

Keep an eye out in mid-May when we will be doing a special feature

 on Joanne. We can't wait to get to know this wonderful lady better 

and share her story with you. ❤

From all of us at SAHS, thank you Joanne Gilbertson for your kindness, and we know that Roxy and her foster family are very grateful as well!


Fun Fact Friday....

30 April, 2021

Did you know?

Most cats are crepuscular, meaning they are

 most active at dawn and dusk.

However...if a cat started out as a stray, they may be 

most active at night because that is when their prey 

was most active!

Either that, or they just know YOU are sleeping 😆