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Check out handsome Petey.

 Petey is a 7-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who is proudly muzzle acclimated and a stellar student, and who happens to be available for adoption! ❤

There is such a stigma around muzzled dogs. Please check out the following shared post which was found during research by one of our hard working volunteers, and is from 

No Monkey Business Dog Training and written by Helen St. Pierre.

Muzzled dogs are not miserable.

Muzzled dogs are muzzled for ALL KINDS OF REASONS. Not just aggression. Maybe they eat too much stuff off the ground 

and get sick. Maybe they play too rough. Maybe they over correct when startled. 

Maybe they want to eat squirrels. Maybe they need to learn better social skills. 

Not all dogs in a muzzle have a bite history, some have them on to prevent that in the

 first place. Sometimes the muzzle is more 

for the HUMAN than the DOG because it

 allows them to feel more confident.

 Big dogs, small dogs, and all breeds and 

sizes need muzzles sometimes. It is not

 a breed specific tool.

Muzzled dogs are GOOD DOGS WITH 

GREAT HUMANS who are setting their dog 

up to not fail. Judging a dog in a muzzle 

and their owner is the same as judging someone for wearing a helmet. They are choosing safety and being proactive and it takes WORK to get your dog to a level that they are happily working and walking 

around in a muzzle so kudos to the humans and dogs I work with who put that time in 

to better their dogs lives.

If you see a dog in a muzzle, don’t stare, don’t ask rude questions, just say “nice job, great looking dog!” and carry on. Believe me, you will have just made that human's day.

Helen St. Pierre.