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Please sit down and enjo  looking at all the happy tails of the year so far. And keep checking back often as we add more when they happen and we anticipate many more in 2021! 


(Mrs Roper)

Jan 2021

There are two things we love:

1) Adoption 2) Love

Both are seen here!!

Mrs. Roper (orange tabby) is very obviously completely fulfilled in her new home! Nothing makes our hearts so happy. This gal needed a little extra TLC and she got it in her foster home, and now she has it for LIFE!!

Congratulations Mrs. Roper, enjoy your awesome digs with your new buddy, Fritz! 

Congratulations Steely!


Jan 2021

Sometimes a picture or two says it all!

Max was adopted into an AMAZING home and loves his handsome 

brother Pixel!

Charlie & Diego

Jan 2021

This beautiful lady had adopted BOTH these lovely fur-babies from SAHS!

She is one of our amazing fosters who we absolutely could not do without, and she sometimes has what we call a "foster fail," which, of course, is never a fail at all, but

 more a lovely story about an animal 

who was thought to come into a home temporarily, but ended up being so 

loved they were invited to stay!

Charlie is on the left and at 9 months 

old, already weighs in at 15 pounds! He was adopted straight out of another foster home as she fell in love with him.

Diego is on the right and is such a handsome boy! She fostered him first and then adopted him.

Congratulations Charlie & Diego!



Jan 2021

What a wonderful start to the new

year for our beautiful fur-ball! She is 

comfy in her new FURever home and 

she has a new name to suit her beauty -

introducing Chloe!

Have a wonderful life little one, and many thanks to your family for taking you in! 

We know you will be forever loved in 

your new home.

Congratulations Chloe!

Phil Collins 


Jan 2021

We love the new names some of our 

adopted animals have!! This is Phil Collins (previously Arthur) and he is a sibling to 

the newly named Bootstrap Bill (Rory), 

also adopted. How awesome are these 

two names?!

Phil Collins’ mom says when he’s not 

playing, he can be found napping and

 cuddling with his best friend, Winston!

Phil also got neutered yesterday and had a clean vet check, which is complete music 

too our ears 🙏🐾🎈His incredibly kind 

family even donated their $50 rebate to 

us, and we are so very thankful!

Congratulations handsome boy, enjoy your new family and furry friend!!


Jan 2021

Look at these photos.

It’s only been 24 hours and Chrissy’s family says she is already part 

of the family!!

Odie (the family dog) tries to play with her; but she isn’t sure what to do yet. They both sat and watched the snow this morning.

She follows their boys around and has discovered she likes walking on computer keyboards!

 She is a joy to have and makes her new family smile.

Congratulations Chrissy!


Jan 2021

Cheeto!!! This sweet boy is starting to come out of his shell in his new home and we 

know he is going to do really well 

there! His wonderful mom adopted him knowing he would take some time to adjust, and he’s been coming out at night to play 

and spent some time looking out the 

window this morning!

Once he’s settled, he’s going to be such a snuggle buddy and she’s going to be paid 

back for her patience with a lot of love. Thank you to this lady with a rescuer’s heart for giving Cheeto his second chance! 

Congratulations Cheeto! 

Boxer & Jessie

Jan 2021

Boxer and Jessie are such lucky girls! They are two siblings who were extremely fortunate to be adopted TOGETHER, and their new family

 just had them spayed.

Boxer and Jessie are continuing to recuperate after they have both been spayed, and are doing a little investigating with their cones on!

We offer a return on fees for neutering and spaying to encourage responsibility, and this family will 

be receiving $75 per kitten back 

on their adoption fees. 

Jessie and Boxer will live healthier lives thanks to their spay!


Jan 2021

Sweet, beautiful Munchkin is settling into 

her new digs and fitting in well! 

She’s comfortable on the upstairs floor 

and with her new mom, and we just know 

she will be ruling the roost in no time.

 Stay tuned for a picture of her meeting 

one of the family dogs!



February 2021

Beautiful Teddy got a new home 

and a new name - Eddie! 

He is doing really well in his new home, seen here enjoying a little relaxation time! ❤️🐾

Congratulations Eddie!


February 2021

We recently renewed our efforts to find Petey his forever home, and we were rewarded with several amazing applications! We want to thank everyone for their interest in this truly one of a kind dog!

The wonderful man seen here is Rob, and he has been fostering 

Petey for months. He has been incredible for Petey, and they are a perfect fit for each other. In the end, it was decided that this was where Petey would STAY, and no one could be happier about this

 than Petey himself, who loves Rob very, very much.

We often use the term "foster fail," but it is never a fail, it is an adoption success, the result of someone who has poured their heart and soul into an animal, believing it to be on a temporary basis, only to fall so deeply in love with their furry friend that circumstances change.

We owe Rob a huge thanks for everything he has done for us and for Petey in past months, and he has our full support moving forward as Petey's new Dad!


February 2021

Mikey was just neutered, and we love to share as it helps to raise awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets! Did you know this helps prevent a host of health issues and can even offer your pet a longer life?

We are already so thankful to Mikey’s family for adopting him, and now they have gone one step further and donated his neuter rebate back to us as well! This is in no way an expectation, but we have been fortunate lately to have a few folks do it, and it means more than words can say, as every dime in our pockets just means we can continue to help more animals.

Thank you, Mikey’s family, for being wonderful humans, and congratulations Mikey on your amazing new life


February 2021

Tessie (previously Artemis) is enjoying a nap in her new home.

Sleep comes so easily when you know you’re adopted and you will

 be taken care of and loved forever!!

Captain Jack & Bootstrap Bill

February 2021

We received a very special Happy Valentine’s Day photo from Captain Jack and Bootstrap Bill and their canine friends as well!

These two cats are so very sweet together and isn’t this an incredible family photo?

Theo (Trevor)

March 2021

Theo (previously Trevor) is settling in very well into his new home, and had a great trip home in the car!

His family is going to be so happy they adopted him, we just know it! He is an incredibly loving kitten! ❤️❤️

Congratulations Theo and family!

Thank you to Grover Dental Centre for sponsoring our Happy Tails album for the month of March!

Freya (Minnie)

March 2021

Minnie was recently adopted and the pictures shared by her family are clear evidence of her new, happy, comfortable, relaxed life!! She has been renamed Freya and we are loving seeing the updates on this happy girl!

Adoption can truly change a pet’s life - thank you to this wonderful family for coming to the rescue for beautiful Freya! ❤️❤️

Coco (Buttermilk)

March 2021

Coco (formerly Buttermilk) is doing well in her new home! She is very much loved by her new family! 🙏🎈❤️

Thank you to Grover Dental for sponsoring our Happy Tails for the month of March! 

Bellatrix (Cluny)

March 2021

Cluny is in the arms of her new family and has been renamed Bellatrix!

This sweet gray tabby is sure to have a wonderful life! We are so thankful for happy endings, which are truly beginnings! ❤️🐾


March 2021

Raise your hand if you agree - family is EVERYTHING!!

This is the first of several wonderful photos we have been sent to demonstrate how well Nugget is settling into his forever home!

He loves people and wants to be around them all the time, and waited outside the kids’ bedrooms for them to wake up in the morning!! 🎈🎈

Congratulations Nugget, we are so happy for you!! ❤️🐾

Grover Dental Centre is an amazing local business sponsoring our Happy Tails this month! Thank you Grover Dental!

Alberto (Gizmo)

March 2021

Meet Alberto!! Previously Gizmo, this tremendous ball of fluff was just adopted from SAHS and the family’s daughter has named him Alberto, as he lived in Alberta! Congratulations on your gotcha day Alberto!

Yzma &Split  

March 2021

Congratulations on your forever home, Yzma and Split! We are so grateful you were adopted together!! ❤️🐾❤️🐾

Grover Dental Centre is an amazing local business sponsoring our Happy Tails this month! Thank you Grover Dental!


March 2021

Congratulations on your FURever home Frothy!!

We know you're going to be so very happy in your forever home  ❤️🐾

Thank you Grover Dental for your sponsorship of our Happy Tails in March! 

Jack & Janet

March 2021

Jack and Janet are getting a little closer! Even though they’re siblings and spent some time together in foster care previously, they’ll still need some time to adjust now that they’re back together. These two gorgeous gingers will be BFFs in no time! 🐾🐾

Princess Jasmine (Flame)

March 2021

Flame shall now be known as Princess Jasmine!

She is comfy cozy in her new home and we are very thankful she was adopted!


April 2021

Meet Josie!! She was previously Missy and was recently adopted into her forever home!

Josie's mom says she is doing great and settling 

in really well.

Thank you to every single one of you who adopts from your local humane society/shelter!! You’re changing lives by giving the wee homeless a happy home!


Grover Dental Centre is passionate about local animal welfare and is the current sponsor of our Happy Tails! Thank you to this amazing business for their support! 

Patches the cat

April 2021

Patches (the cat) went home yesterday and 

she is happily settling in!

She had a very patient little girl waiting for her adoption

 to be finalized, and they’re enjoying getting to know

 each other!

This wonderful family was more than willing to listen to our suggestions about proper introduction between the kids, the dog and Patches. This makes all the difference in a successful adoption!

Have a great life Patches, we are very happy you’ve got such a great family to call your own!   


April 2021

Sam is absolutely living the dream in his new 

forever home!

He became fast friends with Obi, also previously 

adopted through SAHS, and was quite sad when Obi 

had to go to the vet one day!

We love the friendships that blossom 💐

Sam is an incredibly handsome tabby and we thank his family for adopting him and sending us great updates!

Patches the dog

April 2021

Patches was a very popular girl when she went up for adoption! She was fortunate to find her perfect home, and her new owner tells us she is doing very well!

Patches has learned how to sit, sit stay and down.

As long as she is walked enough, she is a very calm dog. We knew she would be high energy and require plenty of exercise, which is important for all dogs.

Patches loves other dogs and cats. She is disappointed 

that Tommy (the cat) will not play...and she is starting 

to approach other people.

We are so grateful Patches found her forever home!



Soot was recently adopted and he is so obviously safe, happy and especially comfortable in his new home!! ❤️❤️

Congratulations Soot! This sweet black kitten will have an amazing life thanks to the miracle of adoption!

Grover Dental Centre continues to support our Happy Tails for the month of May! We are so grateful! 🙏❤️


May 2021

Blue just went home last week, and he is already living his happy life!

Blue is a really incredible cat; comes when you call him, very vocal, and he is going to make his family very happy!

We are excited that he got adopted into a wonderful home and wish him well! 💕


May 2021

Smoke is a kitten recently adopted out who is still just little, and has obviously settled in happily with his new mom!

There is nothing quite like a sleeping kitten, and we are thrilled to see this little sweetheart basking in the love he is receiving from his new family! ❤️

We love adoption! 🐾

Thank you to this terrific family for taking Smoke AND Soot in together!


May 2021

Nessie is a delightful little kitten who just got adopted yesterday, and she now has two very delightful little boys to call her own!

The love in these snuggles makes us SO happy! Adoption is amazing! 😻 

Miss Vanjie

May 2021

** Miss Vanjie Update **

We will have some  more new photos of Miss Vanjie coming once she decompresses a little in her new home, but meanwhile, we want to update everyone that we have heard from her new mom who says she is settling in very well! She even visited her mom's bed last night and came up onto the pillow for some petting! She had a long drive home as well, and she did great in the car.

We want to take a moment and send an extra special thanks to our amazing foster, Layla Vickerman, for all that she does! She was a huge part of Miss Vanjie's care and recovery, and when this poor girl was at the vet clinic for her C-section, Layla hung around outside for HOURS waiting to make sure she was okay. She genuinely cares about these cats and kittens with every fiber of her being, and she goes above and beyond for them. Layla, we thank you so very much! We really believe the reason Miss Vanjie recovered so well is your excellent care of her.

We also want to thank City Veterinary Hospital as well for continuing to provide great care to our animals, and for being available when Miss Vanjie was needing emergency care. It takes a village!


May 2021

We are delighted to bring you some photos and a bit about how Roxy is thanks to her new mom! We really appreciate her taking the time to share with us, and of course, we HUGELY appreciate her adopting Roxy!

First, you can see Roxy in her now trademark pose on the couch, looking right at home!

The second photo is during our current heatwave, and Roxy's mom says the paving slabs were cooler than the grass when the photo was taken!

Roxy had what her mom calls a "Goldilocks night" while Roxy decided whether her mom's bed, the dog bed, or chair (too small) was the best. Her bed won!

Roxy and her mom took in a neighbourhood walk early in the morning before anyone was around, and it was so exciting! Roxy gave a few barks from the yard which seemed to be guarding generated and played ball with

 the soft toy squirrels, which her mom found hilarious

 for such a big dog.

Roxy wants to go in the car all the time - she can open the door to the garage by herself, so if her mom loses her, Roxy is there waiting by the car!!

The toy squirrels get played with during the morning so far. Roxy has heard the real ones too, but they are steering clear of the ground and keeping away from her.

The third picture shows Roxy having some rest in the 

shade after playing ball, she found a cool spot.

She continues to settle in and do well - she has even checked out the basement since it's cooler down there when it's 32 degrees outside

Roxy's mom plans on spoiling Roxy with love and we are so very grateful to her. A new bed arrived yesterday, and a new padded Kong collar is on its way! In her mom's own words..."I intend to pamper her for whatever time she has left, as she is such a deserving delight...and a dear soul!" ❤

This adoption could not possibly have worked out any better than it has, and our hearts are filled with joy for Roxy and her very happy adoption journey!

Hazelnut (Sriracha)

June 2021

This fantastic photo was taken by Sriracha's foster mom while she was in care, and she has now been happily adopted into her forever family!

Her new mom has named her Hazelnut, and she tells us that after her first night in her new home, she has eaten, discovered her litter box and even played a little!

We are very happy for this little cutie

Beau (Finch)

July 2021

Finch has been honoured with a new name by his loving mom; meet Beau!

Beau is settling into his new home well, loving Calgary and enjoys a snuggle and watching Aristocats with his mom!

TIMKO Home Improvements sponsors this happy message and reminds us all - ADOPTION ROCKS!! 🐾


July 2021

Lola is doing great in her new home, and she loves to play little fish games on her mom’s phone!

We love to see the smiling faces of new pet owners! We are the voice of the animals, but it does our hearts good to make people happy too!

Our Happy Tail post is brought to you by our generous sponsor, TIMKO Home Improvements!

Blue & Siva

July 2021

What is better than one adoption? Two adoptions! 

In this case, Blue and Siva, siblings, were able to stay together when their new family adopted them both!

Our hearts sing when this happens! You can see here that they are enjoying checking out their new home and loving life. 

We want to thank you to this wonderful family for taking both of them.  Adoption rocks!

Stevie (Siva)

September 2021

Siva has been lovingly renamed Stevie and this little beauty is an extremely loved foster “fail,” something we don’t think is a failure at all! It’s a beautiful thing when folks who foster regularly fall in love with a certain special soul, and we are delighted to know Stevie has an incredible forever home.

Thank you to these wonderful people for all they do for SAHS, and congratulations Stevie!