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(formerly Sarah) February 2020

Here is the beautiful Mavis in her new home, just loving life!!

Our sincere thanks to Mavis’ new family and we wish you many happy years together!

Congratulations Mavis! 

Marshmallow February 2020

What a sight to see - a happy, sleepy, fluffy bunny taking a nap with his new mama. Marshmallow is thriving in his new home, and we are so happy for him to be forever loved!

Congratulations Marshmallow!

Jon Snow (Snowy)

February 2020

This beautiful Sheltie Guinea Pig is Jon Snow. He is happily settled in his adoptive home, loves his family and gets cuddles every day!!

Congratulations Snowy!! ❤️❤️


February 2020

Mr Mango is very content in his new forever home!  We are thrilled to receive this photo of him thriving! Isn't he beautiful?!

Congratulations Mango! 


February 2020

We think it’s safe to say Muffin is  very comfortable in her new home!! 

Thanks so much to Muffin’s new family for giving her a home and loving her forever! ​

Congratulations Muffin!


February 2020

We all recognize that “cat squint” that indicates a feline is experiencing the deepest levels of comfort, love and happiness, and knows he is safe and has found his forever home!

Harry is demonstrating for us....and is happy as happy could be with his new family!

Congratulations Harry!


February 2020

Gemma is thriving in her new home, happy with her new green scrunchy 

toy and her loving family! 

Congratulations Gemma! 


February 2020

We are happy to see beautiful Nala so relaxed in her new home!

Congratulations Nala!


February 2020

We can see that Charlie is very relaxed 

in his new home,  enjoying a nap on the 

couch with his favourite toy after a huge walk!

Charlie's new pawrents say he brings love and joy to his family every day, and they are so grateful they found him and he is grateful to have been adopted!

Congratulations Charlie!


February 2020

Nobody puts this Baby in a corner, 

because she prefers a sink! 

Baby is living the dream with her new family.

Congratulations Baby!


March 2020

Rubble - at home and at peace! This handsome boy is doing well and his gracious new family is happy to share updates with us so we can in turn share them with all of you. Happiness looks good on you Rubble!

Congratulations Rubble!


March 2020

We are pleased to report that Izzy is happily settled into her new home and we are fortunate to have a new picture of her!

Congratulations Izzy!


March  2020

Beautiful Blue looking so content in her new home puts a smile on our faces! 

Congratulations Blue!


March 2020

We can tell Tippy is  well-loved and happy in her new home! Here she is enjoying her new fish friends, and we wish her all the happiness that her heart can hold.

Thank you to her family for taking her in and giving Tippy her second chance!

Congratulations Tippy!


March 2020

Tibby's new family tells us that she is doing awesome in her new home! She follows her new human brother everywhere he goes, and gets along great with the other cat and 2 dogs in the house. Her new mom says that she brings lots of joy to their household!

Congratulations Tibby!


(formerly Clause)

April 2020

Milo is so happy in his new home!

Milo's new Mum says she adore him and he is so funny and active.

Congratulations Milo!


(formerly Sox)

April 2020

We especially love adoption success stories where one of our animals is adopted into a new home and becomes best buds with one

 of the pets who already lived there.

Here is Charlie with his new BFF, we absolutely love pictures of these two!

Congratulations Charlie! 


April 2020

Tiger REALLY loves other animals, and we were hoping he would be adopted into a home with other animals. 

Well, he got his wish, and this

 is an adorable picture of him playing with one of his new buddies! Besides how happy this makes us, how cute is this dog?

Thank you to Tiger's new family for giving 

him a forever home

Congratulations Tiger!

Casper & Oreo

April 2020

Casper and Oreo are doing well and happy at HOME!! 

They are a great reminder that no matter 

how long it takes to get adopted, we should never lose hope that adoption will come 

for every animal. 

We are so thankful these two went to the perfect home! Best wishes to these amazing bunnies and their new family! ❤️❤️❤️


(formerly Marmalade)

May 2020

Here we have Larry, in all his glory, in his

 loving adopted home!

Larry's new Mum says he is honestly the sweetest little kitty and she is so grateful he came into her life

Congratulations Larry!


(formerly Dutchess)

May 2020

Goose is SO happy in her new home!

She is loving her new toys and is even the proud recipient of a new cat tree!

Look at her sleeping like a pretzel - she is 

very relaxed.

We are so happy for this beautiful girl.

Congratulations Goose!



May 2020

Our hearts are SO full! LuLu (Taloula) has very obviously settled into her new home with her amazing forever family.

Adoption saves lives. This sweet girl was born into foster care and turns 13 months old at the time of posting - we must never lose hope that the perfect home is out there for 

every rescued animal.

Congratulations Lulu!


June 2020

It’s safe to say Karen is loved and happy

 in her new home!!

Woohoo!! We are so happy for her - thanks

 to Karen’s human for giving her safety

 and happiness!

Congratulations Karen!


June 2020

This is a super sweet adoption journey because it took 13 months for Anastasia 

to be adopted, and now she is loved SO much in her forever home!

We are big believers in everything happening at the right time, and there’s no question 

this amazing home is the perfect fit for this dear sweet cat.

Congratulations to Anastasia, her new dog friend and her family, we wish you much happiness together.

Congratulations  Anastasia!


June 2020

We love Dutchess’ adoption journey! 

Found in a park by a local, amazing human, cared for briefly by SAHS and swiftly 

wanted and adopted out to yet another amazing home.  Dutchess, you deserve every happiness and we love this photo of you in your forever home.

Congratulations Dutchess!


June 2020

Look at this beautiful sight - sweet Sirius is hanging out with his new buddy!! Such a great successful adoption - we can tell they are going to be great friends.

Congratulations  Sirius!


June 2020

Look at Felix in his forever bed, in his forever home. His crossed paws say "I'm staying here"

We are so happy for this gorgeous boy.

Congratulations Felix!


June 2020

Little Gracie is settling in to her wonderful, happy, forever home!! She even has a 

new snuggle buddy.

 It is clear she is going to have a wonderful, fun-filled life with her new family!!

Congratulations  Gracie!


June 2020

Little Charlie is living the dream!! This little guy made a wish and got adopted by an amazing family who already absolutely 

adore him.

Congratulations  Charlie!


July 2020

It is very clear to see that  Maxi is relaxed in his new forever home. 

His new family have shared some pictures with us, and say he is the perfect cat to be a part of their family. The other cats are good with him, and he is getting more and more comfortable with their dogs.

This family is a great example of proper slow introduction to other animals in the home.

We are so delighted for this beautiful boy.

Congratulations Maxi!


(formerly Derpy)

July 2020

Harley is all moved in!  

He has been very appropriately renamed -  due to his amazing little purring engine. He had a sleep and a cuddle with his new humans, and the other cats seem to like him!

We know he is going to love his forever home.

Congratulations Harley!


July 2020

Adoption is always amazing, but Ana 

is a success story that we are particularly thankful for. She waited a full year for adoption after she was born in foster care....but life always turns out just as it should, and she has ended up in the


She is loved so much, and her new Mom says she is a real cuddle bug.

Congratulations to Ana!

Panther & Tess 

(previously Piper)

July 2020

Panther and Tess really got lucky when they were adopted TOGETHER!!

Their new Mom says they are little bundles of love who truly love each other!! Thanks so much to these wonderful people for taking them in and giving them a home.

Congratulations  Panther & Tess!


August 2020

Look at that smile! This beautiful girl's successful adoption journey just gets cooler every day. She has a loving brother, Duggie, and together they adventure their way through life! You can keep up with Evey’s story by following @duggieandmissevey on IG.

We are SO grateful to Evey’s family, who fostered her first and then loved her so dearly, they adopted her. They describe her as goofy, funny and a little cloud of sass!

Congratulations Evey!


August 2020

Just look at this sweet face!!

Meko is a shining example of a 

great adoption story - his loving family was unable to keep him, and they

 did the right thing by sending him to us. Now he is in a forever happy

 and amazing home!

Congratulations Meko!



September 2020

Abbey is settling into her new home! 

She has a new sibling who is almost her 

twin, Jersey! They are learning to get along and Abbey really suits her new name, which we think is a beautiful, fitting name for her.

 Thank you to your family for adopting you!!

Congratulations Abbey!


September 2020

We were so happy to see our most senior cat adopted out so quickly, proving 14 is just a number! 

Clearly he is feeling relaxed and loved. 

Thank you to your amazing human for taking you in!! 

Congratulations Snax!


October 2020

We are so happy with Stuart’s adoption!! He now lives with a couple whose main goal is to give him all the love and attention he deserves! 

He has truly gone to the perfect family and our hearts are full of gratitude  Stuart, enjoy your new home!! 

Congratulations Stuart!