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Meet our adorable, adoptable dogs....


Roxy is a 10-year-old Boxer Mastiff Cross, born 

approximately June 23, 2011.

Roxy is a very smart dog who knows how to open doors and likes to check to make sure you are doing okay. She knows 

the commands 'sit', 'down', 'paw' and 'here'.

Roxy loves being around people and once connected, she seems to need to know where you are at all times. Once she has found you, she will usually have a much-loved nap near you. Roxy also does well on her own if left home alone if you work or need to run errands.

Roxy currently has a crate she can and will use if she needs some downtime. She will very easily go into her crate on her own and when told to.

Roxy loves her time at True North, and getting ready for walks is exciting! Roxy loves holding her leash when going from the house to the car. She has tremendous strength and is working on how to walk with a leash.

Roxy loves to bark to say hello, or in response to strange noises, she isn’t familiar with. She is very friendly with people but can come across as intimidating with her size and bark.

She loves to sleep on beds and couches but may need some assistance getting up on higher places either with a lift or a stool to step on. She may also need some assistance getting into the car after a walk! 

At times, Roxy will play fetch/ball for a little bit.

Roxy is good with cats and seems to be okay with other dogs, as long as they are not too dominant.

Roxy is an amazing dog who has been through some trauma and needs reassurance that you will come back. She is a very happy dog when you come home, and you can even see

 a smile on her face!

She has some health issues at the moment 

that we are working hard on, and pertinent information will be shared with interested applicants. For now, she is loving life in her foster home and thriving, and we really want

to extend a huge thanks to her wonderful 

foster family!

If you would like more information, 

please send us an email 

or give us a call at 587-253-4203 during 

the hours of 10-4, Monday through Friday. Please leave a message if you don't reach us, 

as we will always return your call.

 Alternatively, fill in the adoption form below!

Click to download application form

Meet Rita!


 (not up for adoption just yet...) 

This beautiful Presa Canario was born 8/12/2019.

She is an energetic young dog who loves to play fetch. She loves cuddles, and when she is comfortable with you, she will even groom you!  

She really wants people of her own to love and has so much love to give. She is also loyal and protective of her humans.

She can take time to warm up to new people, and she needs understanding and patience. Rita needs an owner who will work with her on boundaries and rules, as she is an adolescent who is learning what is acceptable.

She is very smart and learns quickly. She knows sit, stay, down, shake, drop it, leave it, and she even sits and stays until she is told it is okay to eat her dinner. She is extremely driven to please the people that she loves!

She can be reactive with dogs and does better with males. If another pet is in the potential adopter's home, we will evaluate on a case by case basis.

Rita really needs a home that is quite active and will take her hiking or do agility with her, which we think she would be great at. She is currently working on muzzle acclimation.

We will update this post when Rita becomes available for adoption

Click to download the application form

Grover Dental is sponsoring Rita for the month of March! 

Thank you Grover Dental for your generosity!