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Our Adoptable Animals Section is generously 

sponsored by Davis GMC Buick Medicine Hat.

Thank you for your generosity! 

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Meet our adorable, adoptable cats...

❤️ SISSY ❤️

Born April 12, 2020

Sissy is a lovely domestic short hair Calico cat who is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed.

Sissy is a loving companion who would thrive in a home where she is the only pet, but we will carefully consider homes with other cats or calmer dogs. She is in foster care with children and is doing well with them. She loves naps, watching out windows, sleeping and getting pets. 

Email us at [email protected]

 if you have any questions or click on the adoption form below.

Click here for the adoption form 

Davis GMC Buick Medicine Hat is currently sponsoring Sissy!

Thank you for your generosity!


How beautiful is this tabby kitten?! 

Claire is a very affectionate 6-month-old gray and white tabby kitten who likes to knead with her paws.

She’s not super vocal, and so far, she’s a bit of a restless snuggler, but there’s a whole world to discover!

Your support of our fundraisers allowed us to spay this kitten so she wouldn’t suffer the same fate as her mom, who was a pet dumped in the country when she became pregnant. The generous property owner where the kittens were born will be adopting Claire out privately, and we will be involved in home checks to help ensure she goes to a stellar home.

If you would love to give Claire a home, please send us a PM. 


This absolutely gorgeous Tuxedo was dumped at a county home when she became pregnant (through no fault of her own, of course).

She has since given birth to four kittens, and has been spayed through the Southern Alberta Humane Society and our funds available through your ongoing support!

This lovely gal is still in the care of the home where she was dropped off, and they are attempting to adopt out all members of this sweet family. SAHS will be helping conduct home checks, but this is a courtesy post only and adoptions will take place through Dobby's kind and caring human.

This mama is vocal, a pro bird catcher and loves to be scratched under her chin and neck.

Dobby likes to be held, but doesn't sit in your lap, meows for attention, and is believed to be approximately 2 years old.

If interested, please contact Susanna directly at 403-878-6409.


This sweet kitten is nearly 6 months old, and she is a gentle soul. She is very quiet and affectionate.

Guinevere loves to keep busy kneading, and is most snuggly when alone.

Your support of our fundraisers and that of sponsors such as Davis GMC Buick - Medicine Hat allowed us to spay this female kitten born to a dumped pregnant mama, and now the lady who cares for will be adopting her out with our assistance in the home check process.

If interested in adopting Guinevere and adding a sweet companion to your family, please send us a PM.


This handsome male is spunky and active, and while he can also be distracted and aloof, he is also very affectionate when in the mood and will follow you around everywhere.

This nearly 6-month-old male was neutered through SAHS and his adoption will proceed through the folks who are caring for him, while we will be assisting with conducting the home check before final adoption.

If you’re interested in adopting this handsome fella, please send us a PM.


There are SO many huge fans of black cats, we would be thrilled to see this beauty find her home right away!

Meet Chatty, presented by Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat! We were able to spay her through funds raised and now she will love a healthier life with no litters of kittens who can’t be cares for.

She is being adopted out privately on the property where her pregnant mom was dumped, and we ask that you please send us a PM if you would like to get in touch with the family adopting her out.

Chatty is…of course…chatty! She is the most vocal of her litter and loves to “meow talk.”

She is affectionate, likes to hang out with you but not as much right on your lap, but she is a snuggly


This is a gorgeous female kitten who was spayed through the Southern Alberta Humane Society.

She is being adopted out through the kind humans who are caring for her, and SAHS will be conducting home checks for any potential adoption.

Tea claws for attention and is very affectionate.  She has a loud purr, and she is a very spunky, active, super playful female.

Tea is almost 6 months old - If interested, please send us a PM and we will get you in touch with the folks adopting her out privately.

Meet Sammy the Sweetheart!

Sammy was born October 1, 2010 and is a 12-year-old domestic short hair Calico. 

She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Sammy is full of resilience and spunk. She has experienced moves to 4 different foster homes and is now completely settled in.  

She was diagnosed as diabetic shortly after she came into our care and she requires minimal Insulin injections. We are thankful for our regular vet checks when we take animals in, as otherwise, Sammy would not have gotten the care that she needs! 

She takes her injections well and they are quite easy to do. 

She is a beautiful, loving girl who is described by everyone 

who knows her as an absolute sweetheart!

Sammy would prefer to be an only cat as she just generally doesn't socialize a lot 

with other cats in the home. 

Click to print adoption application


Meet Ash, an incredibly beautiful female kitten!

She is being adopted out privately by the people who own the property where she was born; her lovely mother was dumped during her pregnancy, so she is fortunate to have ended up where someone would care for her.

Funds raised in our community helped to have her spayed, and now the goal is to find her a wonderful home! 

If interested, please send us a PM and we will get you in touch with Ash’s caregivers and assist them with a home check to ensure all goes well.


This adorable Tuxedo male is vocal, looks in your eye and meows for attention, and scratches your back for attention!

He can be a bit aloof and a bit skittish, but he also loves belly rubs and neck scratches.

We were pleased to take part in neutering this nearly 6-month-old kitten with funds raised through your support, and he is also currently recovering from a dog attack. His pregnant mom was dumped and the fantastic human caring for him is attempting to find him a home; we will be assisting with home checks for potential adopters.

If interested in adopting Cowboy and giving him a bright future, please send us a PM and we will get you in touch with the folks caring for him.