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Help Us Care for 

Rescued Animals

Foster Form

Our Foster Program Outlined 

Our foster program begins with those interested being required to fill out an application form, followed by a brief conversation with one of our board members, and usually the case manager who will be working with you as a foster.

Based on your application, if you qualify for what we require regarding the animal(s) needing care, we will perform 

a virtual home check. This helps us determine if your household is set up well for fostering specific animal(s) which 

we may be placing into your care. This also allows us an opportunity to have a more in-depth conversation with you 

in order to get to know you and explain what is expected, and for you to get to know us as well.

Once we have determined you are a good fit, arrangements will be made to place animal(s) in your home; or, 

if none are available at the time, you will be placed on our wait list for animal(s) requiring care. 

Case Managers

Our foster program is unique in that we assign a case manager to work closely with you and the animal(s) until they are adopted. This means you will have one person to contact in case of any issues, and that same person will contact you with any appointments, information or issues.

We have determined that when involved in foster based rescue, it can become overwhelming for all involved, and having one person helping too many fosters can result in the foster feeling ignored or unimportant, and the animal(s) potentially being neglected, which we want to avoid at all costs. We believe that allowing one person to care for five fosters is sufficient to ensure all matters are taken care of properly and given the attention they deserve.

Your case manager will help you with obtaining supplies that you require, whether that is by delivering them to you or arranging for you to pick them up. They will book veterinary appointments that are required and let you know when those are, and if at all possible, you are expected to deliver animal(s) to those appointments. 

Until things change, during COVID-19, these are drop-off and pick-up appointments only, and you are not required to go inside. Direct communication about results, further appointments, etc., will be handled by your case worker who will be in contact with the veterinarian.

Communication with the case manager is essential, and we encourage you to reach out regarding anything of importance. Our goal is to have an excellent relationship with you, and to maintain a working relationship that is a great experience for all involved. 

Foster Home Role and Responsibility

The role and responsibility of the foster home is to provide exceptional care to the animal(s) in their home until they are adopted. We will provide any supplies needed for the duration they are with you, but it is the responsibility of the foster to communicate directly with their case manager, in a timely manner, when supplies will be needed. If you would like something specific for your foster animal(s), please feel free to provide that, as we must work within the parameters of what is donated and what can be afforded through our fundraising efforts.  This applies to homes that choose to use specific cat litter, cat trees, extra toys, etc.

The foster is responsible for transporting the animal(s) in their care to veterinary appointments if at all possible. These appointments consist of vaccinations, deworming, illness or injury, and, if required, spaying, neutering and microchipping. 

These are only drop-off and pick-up appointments during COVID-19, and the drop-offs are usually scheduled for first thing in the morning. The animal(s) remain in the care of the veterinarian until they are ready to go home, which is usually mid to late afternoon, when you are required to pick them up. They will speak with you over the telephone on drop-off to get all the latest information from you regarding the animal(s)’ care, such as what food they are eating, if you have noticed anything out of the ordinary, etc.

On occasion, arrangements can be made for the animals to be picked up or dropped off by your case manager or another volunteer. As we are extending our services throughout Cypress County, we do understand that sometimes, this means you may have to make significant trips into the veterinarian. We hope to be able to help our when needed if this poses some difficulty to the foster.

In case of emergency with your foster animal(s), you are required to contact your case manager immediately to inform them of the situation. Please never contact the veterinarian directly. The case manager will then phone the veterinarian and arrange for an emergency appointment, if required. Again, during COVID-19, this will normally be a drop-off appointment, but if someone is required to be present, your case worker will attend as well, as we understand that emergencies can be stressful, emotional and devastating, and we are there to offer you support, as well as directly communicate with the veterinarian. 

Getting the animal(s) adopted

It is extremely important to have a constant flow of pictures and video being provided in order to properly advertise the animal(s) and get them adopted. While in the past we have offered the services of photographers who donate their time to come into your home and take pictures, during COVID-19, it is often required to get them straight from you as no one else can come into your home. 

As well, potential adopters are not allowed to come for a meet and greet into your home, and as such, we offer them plenty of video to feel as though they can get to know the animal they are considering adopting, and it is greatly helpful to us if you can provide that in a timely manner. 

 Updated pictures and video as often as possible are imperative, and an important part of the role you play as a foster home. We will also ask you for updates on the personality traits of the animal(s) in your care, as up-to-date information really helps to get them adopted. 

In Conclusion, we are hoping that our Foster program with the Southern Alberta Humane Society sets 

us apart and provides our Fosters and animals with the exceptional care and attention that they deserve. 

Thank you so much for choosing to open your home to us and to our animals and for sharing your heart with 

these innocent animals. We cannot express enough how essential you as a Foster are to our organization and 

to the animal(s) whose life you will inevitably be changing for the better!

Foster Form