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Adopt a New Pet Today

Animal Adoption

The Southern Alberta Humane Society strives to rescue and help every abandoned animal in Medicine Hat, Alberta and its surrounding areas find a permanent home. If you are interested in adopting an animal, please get in touch with us. 

To view the animals that are currently are up for adoption, click on the following links: 

Our Adoptable Animals Section is generously 

sponsored by Davis GMC Buick Medicine Hat. 

Thank you for your generosity! 

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“a genuine, caring compassionate foundation growing hopefully to provide proper refuge for animals in distressed situations. Ran by very smart, caring women who have already pulled tons out of their own pockets to help spread awareness about a better animal shelter for medicine hat!”

Lexie MacGregor 

“I have met some of the ladies and their passion for animals and the animal's welfare is amazing. Anyone that has the love and care for animals that these ladies do are at the top of my list of great people.”

Isabel McCallum

“These ladies are truly amazing and truly care about the animals well being De has been a godsend for me. Thank you to all of you and what you do for the animals who don’t have a voice ❤️❤️❤️”

Cheryl Wolfer

“They have a passion for all animals and they are truly a no kill organization.”

Ailsa Seaton

“Founded by local people who truly believe in the welfare of all animals and their right to good care, love, and home and family of their own.”

Joy L Harper

“Finally, an organization that is founded on principles that all animals have the right of a full due process and given every opportunity to live a quality natural life as best as possible. My hope that this new organization continues to promote humane and safe activities with transparency.”

Tara Martice

“The founding members at the helm have decades of experience in animal rescue, and are decent, caring, compassionate people. Good on you guys, we support you!!”

Ken Montgomery

“The organization is based on compassionate foundation of dedicated individuals that all life is precious.

Society creates the need for such organizations and as such any and all like and open-minded groups provide the much-needed support and help our creatures must have.

It is the compassion and dedication of those involved in all related organizations that if animals could talk would certainly thank each and every one sincerely.

Supporting such essential services is and always will remain a socially shared opportunity of choice.”

Warren Pister

“Transparency. Animals won't be put down needlessly. Money will be spent on the animals. They have nothing to do with the Medicine Hat SPCA.”

Alexandria Kennedy

“don't buy when one can save instead”

Markus Peter Lay 

Become a Volunteer